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Hoian History

Hoi An ancient town has been known by many names: Faifoo, Faicfo & Hoai Pho. First founded by the Champas, Hoi An became an important trading port on the silk route.

2nd Century BC

Founded by the Champas who landed first on Cu Lao Cham & from there explored the mainland. Hoi An began as a trading centre with the local Sa Huynh people who lived on the Thu Bon river. Trade carried on for 1,700 yrs. Hoi An became the most powerful port of the Champa Kingdom. In the 15th century the Champa kingdom fell to the Viet people retreating south from the Chinese.

16th – 19th Centuries

Vietnam absorbed the Champa Kingdom & Hoi An flourished as major trading port on the silk route. Hoi An attracted ships and traders from allover Asia & Europe. Christianity in Vietnam first appeared in Hoi An in the 17th century.

The king of the Nguyen dynasty imposed a closed trade policy in the 19th century & Hoi An stagnated economically. Later the policy was lifted, but, bigger modern ships required the deeper port at Da Nang

Vietnam War

For the first decade of the war, most of the action happened in the south along the Mekong Delta.

During the Tet Offensive (30.01.68 -  08.06.69), the VC attacked many major towns in Central Vietnam, as shown on the map of the region to the right.

During the 70s: troops were sent to the US army & air force base on China Beach, in the demilitarized zone for R&R. For years the VC hid undetected from US troops in the caves of Marble Mountain

Hoi An today

Oozing charm, history & culture, Hoi An is a bustling tourist town.

In the past 20 yrs Hoi An has gained a reputation for good quality, tailored clothes. There are now over 400 tailors shops in Hoi An. Top 10 tailors >>

Hoi An offers tasty local dishes such as Quang My, Cau Lau & White rose. Hoi An restaurants

The new beach road to Danang is now complete, opening the way for development of the coastline.