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Hoian’s Full Moon Festivals 2014

Famous Full Moon Festival:First thing to note is it’s not like the full moon parties in Thailand. Ok? For Hoian it is an opportunity to show off their heritage and culture. The Full Moon Festival is held on every 14th day of the lunar month. Hoi-An old town shuts down to motorised vehicles and the laterns come out!

Hoi An Full Moon Festival 2 Hoians Full Moon Festivals 2014

Here are the Full Moon Festival dates for 2014:

25 January 2014 21 July 2014
23 February 2014 19 August 2014
25 March 2014 18 September 2014
23 April 2014 18 October 2014
23 May 2014 16 November 2014
22 June 2014 15 December 2014

Under the light of the full moon, Hoian becomes one big centre stage where all the locals & tourists come out and participate in reviving the golden days of prosperity and folklore with music, plays & parties. They shut down the streets in the old town to all motorbikes, so it’s safe to roam around and gaze at the lovely shop fronts full of brightly coloured lanterns. Great time to have a meal in one of the many open restaurants. Very romantic!

More of the important festivals celebrated in Hoi An are listed below. Some of the dates are vague because they are based on the lunar calendar.

  • Feb 09-14 2013: Tet Festival (Vietnam New Year)
  • April 30: Liberation Day (Liberation of Saigon ’75)
  • Mid July: All Souls Day (Pray for wandering souls)
  • September 02: National Day (Hochi’s speech ’45)
  • October 01-09: Autumn Festival (Dragon Dancing)