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Vietnamese & Western Restaurants

Thi Nhan 128 Cua Dai, Cam Chau Hoi An.
Halfway from Hoi An old town to Cua Dai beach, by the shrimp farms you will find Thi Nhan across from Full Moon Towns where ½kg grilled tiger prawns is $12 & 1kg large crab in tamarind sauce $25. They sell their prawns & crabs to local restaurants. Clams are also very tasty! Definitely the best seafood restaurant in town. If you love seafood then make sure to get yourself to Thi Nhan while you are in Hoi An.

Lighthouse Cafe & Restaurant Cam Nam Island, Hoi An.
Authentic Viet dishes with a touch of Dutch cheese, ice cream & Apple Cake. Look for the free Lighthouse ferry boat near the food market. Once on Cam Nam Island, you are away from the bustle. $4 curry is tasty, the service & toilets are impressive. Great for a romantic dinner or leisurely lunch with a lovely view. Lighthouse also organize bicycle tours around Hoi An.

Mermaid 7 Tran Phu, Hoi An Old Town.
The Vietnamese food here is among the best we’ve had in Vietnam. Easy to walk past by day, but, by night: Mermaid is classy. Always busy, the food is well presented, the staff attentive and the toilets are tidy. Check out the prices: $3 Tuna steak. $2 Green mango salad and a $4 Prawn curry in a clay pot. Excellent food and cheap drinks: $2 cocktail list and $0.70/ beer.

Ly Cafeteria 22 Nguyen Hue St, Hoi An.
Ms Ly has her own style when it comes to cooking and clothes. Popular with the expat community, she is in a different league to your average Vietnamese restaurant. This is what good Vietnamese cooking tastes like and the price is unbeatable: $2 Ly’s special grilled pork, $2 ‘big’ prawn spring rolls, $1 green papaya salad, $1 omelet, $1 pancakes and a great $1 Cau Lau. Great value & good fun.

Bong Hong Trang 533 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An.
For four generations, the Tran family has developed local delicacies. Great grandfather Tran invented the white rose. The grandfather added fried wantons & the mother, developed the sweet & sour sauce to cover them. Today they still serve only these two dishes. Other restaurants might sell them, but this is where they are made. $4 gets you both! This is a must for any visitor to Hoi An.

Bale Well Down an alley on the corner of Tran Hung Dao & Le Loi
Bale Well is one of the Old Town’s hidden secrets. ‘Make your own’ rice paper wraps with: BBQ shish pork, country pancakes, spring rolls, salad and dipping sauce. The friendly staff will show how. With a beer each, two people can eat till bursting point for about $12. Hoi An people love Bale Well, they only serve one meal and its always busy. A cheerful, you will enjoy the experience. Ban Xeo is yum!

Cafe 19 19 Tieu La St, Hoi An.
Well known by travellers Cafe 19 is very popular with ex-pats, tour groups & tourists who want to get local. The menu has a wide array of Vietnamese dishes & a large vegetarian offering. They serve seafood, pork, chicken & beef dishes. The local Hoi An specialities like Cau Lau & White Rose are the cheapest you’ll find in a restaurant in the old town. The walls are adorned with happy customers who’ve bonded with the owners & enjoyed a cooking class.